Group Training

Going to a gym can be quite an overwhelming experience for many. Not only can it be expensive, especially if you lack motivation, but certain people also feel more pressured from individualised workouts which is why many don’t complete their respective fitness programs anymore.

Luckily, there’s a great alternative to getting motivated, having fun and working out without feeling intimidated and at the same time not shelling out hundreds of dollars on a gym membership where you don’t even go.

Group Session Training Program

Personal Trainer Point Cook offers a Group Session program for those who are comfortable to work out together in a group. The one trainer-to-a-group setup allows for synchronised workout experiences, which keeps the training a bit more interesting in a friendly environment with friends (old and new!).

Depending on the group’s fitness goals, the personal trainer will create a workout program that works best for the group.  Regardless of each group member’s fitness experience, the PT works closely with the members to guide them accordingly.

Join a Group that Suits Your Needs

Athletes, colleagues, buddies, and family members can all be in the same group. All our group training sessions are inclusive and complement your fitness goals.

More Affordable

In addition to working out with other people, group sessions are also less expensive compared to personalised 1 on 1 sessions. Since you will be joining a group training session, you pay a smaller fee than our 1-on-1 sessions and still achieve amazing results.

Group sessions are also beneficial when it comes to boosting your motivation. If you are working out together with other people, you’d be forced to work hard just like everybody else. Group sessions often bring out the best in each member.

Although group sessions are class-type workouts where our trainer instructs the group as a whole, there are still going to be times where you get some 1 on 1 training with the coach. All our sessions are appropriate for all fitness levels with varying levels of each workout to suit all fitness needs.

Group Session Workout

Here are some of the workout classes that we hold each week:

  • High Intensity Resistance Training
  • Boxing Blitz
  • FitBox
  • High Intensity Interval Training

So what are you waiting for?

Start training today, and create camaraderie with your co-gym members!

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